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Under the Sea ATC 1

Under the Sea ATC 1

For this ATC, I started with white glossy paper and streaked three shades of blue, green and pearl alcohol ink across the top to simulate the light streaking down into the water under the sea. Then I stamped a school of fish in stazon ink. I also stamped some stones to the bottom of the ocean floor.

To form the coral, I drew the coral with crystal effects and dipped it into yellow translucent microbeads and let it harden.

I stamped the Oyster shell onto vellum paper and cut the top and bottom shell out. When I cut out the top shell, I left a "Tab" at the top end of it. I traced some lines of the shell with a glitter glaze pen then folded the shell to curve it and make it look real.

To place it on the ATC, I slit a spot on the ATC and inserted the "tab" for the shell, taped it from the back. This makes it loose and you can open the shell. Then I placed the bottom shell underneath and punched a hole with the Cropadile. Once I placed the glossy ATC to the Navy CS for the background, I dropped a spot of Sure Tac glue and placed a "Pearl" under the Oyster.

I added a few little stones to the bottom floor of my ocean and there you have it!