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Circle SWAP Open- Intro Page

Circle SWAP Open- Intro Page

The matchbook opens to say:

I am Michelle McCarthy
I am…
A Single Mother to three boys (16, 17, 19),
A Daughter,
A Sister to one Brother,
A pet owner of two Maine Coon Cats,
A friend,
I am…. A follower and believer of Christ;
An Accountant,
A Stampin Up Demo,
A Watkins Associate,
A PWA Supporter and Outdoor Coordinator!
A Caretaker to a youth camp
A Contributor to the community,
A Volunteer in my church,
A Silver Beaver Recipient,
An advocate for animals,;

I am… A Hiker … A Camper,… A Kayaker,… A Boater,
A Scouter,… A Stamper,… A Harpist,
A Guitarist… A reader… A needle crafter… A traveler

I have…
A fetish for movie watching
A liking for blues and blue greens in color choices
A fondness for all kinds of music (all except
Hard rock and rap)
An appreciation for the Arts and Theatre
Awe for the natural wonders of this earth
An appreciation for space and universe

This is ME in a snippet.
There are many other layers to my soul. I have…
A God who believes in me,
A Mother who loves me,
A Father who help me grow,
Children that keep me on my toes,
And cats that keep me humble!
….I am Michelle McCarthy