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My Favorite Technique

My Favorite Technique

What I did was a Bleaching Resist. For the rose piece, I took a piece of neutral CS and sponged over the colors (Cameo Coral and Old Olive, in this case). Let Dry.

Then take a brayer and covered it with a third color, preferably darker than what you sponged. I did Brown in this case. (Black will not work for this technique). Let Dry.

Then take your image, dip in the bleach (using a bleach pen or making a ink pad out of paper towels and soak in bleach). Let Dry. If you don't get enough color out from under the bleach, you can cheat abit but lightly sponging over the color again.

The rest of the page, I layered it with Brown and Cameo Coral. On the Cameo Coral, I stamped backgrond with Floral Background (SU) and in Brown. Added microbeads and Organdy White Ribbon.

I edged everything with a Krylon Gold Pen except for the Cameo Coral. For that I distressed the edges with the brown.