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My Favorite Recipe

My Favorite Recipe

This page has a recipe of Colcannon, an Irish dish very common for the Irish but I learned this from my Grandma! Basically, I layered Burgandy CS with an old lace looking background. and added green "corners" to it. I printed the recipe on Vellum and cut it out I lightly glued a couple edges of the vellum just to hold in place while I placed 3/8 inch O'So sticky tape down on the top and bottom. I added a couple shamrocks that I hand cut out (wishing I had a die cut for it after the tenth one!) An Irish Maiden and Irish Gentleman were also added after covering them in clear Microbeads. Then I covered the rest of the exposed tape with a mix of green, gold and a dash of yellow microbeads.

It couldn't have been easier but it took me along time to get here! I don't know why but I knew the recipe I wanted but just couldn't settle on a design for the longest time! Then when I found the two clipart pieces (maiden and gentleman) it FINALLY fell into place! Hopefully the receipents of the SWAP will think it was worth the wait. This was due in May!